Anthelmintic activity of silver nanoparticles

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Mărghitaş - President, Editor Assist. During its years of existence, papillary thyroid carcinoma jugular former Institute of Agronomic Studies Cluj-Mănăştur has benefited from the contributions of many outstanding personalities and specialists from different agricultural research area.

Today it is one of the most prestigious Life Sciences Universities and research institution in Romania and in Danube region. In the last ten years the Anthelmintic activity of silver nanoparticles of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Cluj-Napoca USAMV has seen impressive developments, especially after changing its mission and strategy to being a research university. The university has passed the national accreditation of ARACIS with the best appreciation, was evaluated twice by European Universities Association and was recently classified in the Top 12 best Romanian universities of advanced research and education.

The academic staff and the students more than 7. They conduct research projects in well equipped laboratories, research centers, institutes and veterinary clinics. Our campus also boasts well equipped new library and a pilot farm of more than 2.

anthelmintic activity of silver nanoparticles

A significant part of the academic staff and graduate students have studied or took advantage from research scholarships from universities of different EU countries. The university also offer research grants for young scientist each year and host an international symposium which attracts more than participants. There are on the way projects for research infrastructure of more than 20 million euro.

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More than national and international projects are running through existing research laboratories, centers and institutes, which are presented in this guide. USAMV is very active also at the international level.

We have collaboration agreements with universities and research institutes from over 40 countries and contributes as an active member to several international associations such as: EUA, ICA. It is anthelmintic activity of silver nanoparticles strong belief that through our new Strategy toUSAMV Cluj-Napoca will continue to flourish and contribute, through high quality research and education, to the progress of Romanian agriculture.

I hope that the presentation of the university infrastructure will help to find new partners in the European Research Area and to contribute also to a successful implementation of the new Horizon and European Innovation Partnership programs, for the benefit of the EU agriculture and rural development.

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Rector Prof. Doru C. Plant Culture Minimum Systems and Sustainable Agricultural Technologies Applied biological sciences Optimization and development of sustainable technologies in crop production Laboratory for the Environmental Control and Plant Protection Research Center for Biotechnology in Agriculture Transylvanian Horticultural Research Anthelmintic activity of silver nanoparticles Horticultural and forestry Plant Breeding and Genetics Business Administration and Rural Development Landscape design and planning using sustainable concepts Research laboratory on Vegetables Research Laboratory for Biodiversity and Bioconservation Land reclamation, land measurements and exact science Integrated Management of Forestry Ecosystems Center for Advanced Research and Extension in Apiculture Zonal Laboratory for Animals Genotyping Laboratory for Certification and Cryopreservation of Animal Germplasm Laboratory of Research and Feed Quality Control Research Laboratory in Fisheries Research Center - Veterinary Biotechnologies Experimental and comparative pathology Surveillance, Diagnosis and Control of Zoonoses Physico-chemical techniques applied to the analysis of animal origin products Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory Animal production and food safety Pharmacovigilance Laboratory Research Center of Biochemistry and Agrofood Biotechnology Food Quality and Safety Research Center Anthelmintic activity of silver nanoparticles Nutrition and Proteomics Research Laboratory The structuring of RDI system research, technological development and innovation by category of research units institutes — centers - laboratories of specific thematic areas was initiated by the national accreditation system CNCSIS of advanced research centers, duringcontinued then through the university management's own initiatives, based on the criteria approved by the Senate in to authorize research centers and laboratories running fundamental or applied research activity, innovation, consulting and technical services, technology transfer in Life Sciences, as well as in engineering, technology, economics, rural development, tourism.

In the period the University had particularly significant performances through successful national research projects CEEX, Partnerships-PCE and Ideas with doctoral projects - TD, postdoctoral PD, young teams TEreaching generous funds that allowed unprecedented development of infrastructure, improvement of laboratory facilities with equipments and pilot station installations, as well as employing, during the project, of new members anthelmintic activity of silver nanoparticles the research teams, such as young researchers post-graduate, PhD students and Postdocs.

The SWOT analysis made for the international evaluation carried out enterobius vermicularis generalidades the European Anthelmintic activity of silver nanoparticles Association EUA, revealed this evolving trend, reflected by a significant increase in publications with international impact ISI Journals and BDI International Data Anthelmintic activity of silver nanoparticles of citations and of patent applications or certification of new plant varieties.

The dynamics and fluctuations in the national financement of recent years have led to discrepancies between the three components that may ensure the sustainability of the research activities, namely infrastructure, equipments and materials 1human resources 2 and financial resources 3.

During the last two years, amid the reduction of funds for research and development at the national anthelmintic activity of silver nanoparticles, there were reduced significantly the employment possibilities for young researchers and support for the current activities in centers and laboratories, as well as difficulties in the procurement of supplies and maintenance of equipments. The Scientific Council also has structured and framed the research themes of the University in accordance with the priority domains and thematic areas of European research according to 7th Framework Programmein order to facilitate the integration of the research groups warts on hands in toddlers USAMV ClujNapoca in international consortia.

The report underlines the performance of each group members, their research results as a prologue of future strategies, on short and medium term, as developed by each research center anthelmintic activity of silver nanoparticles laboratory, to ensure the research sustainability on hpv and lip cancer areas of competence.

The International cooperation based on specific topics of expertise represents a major strategic objective for the research innovation and technological development of USAMV Cluj-Napoca, which aims both the integration in the European platforms, as well as the development of joint projects in Europe and worldwide.

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This report represents therefore a milestone for our approach towards the international integration of our University in international consortia, in future European projects, such as HorizonBridge programs public-private partnerships or programs EIP European Innovation Partnerships. Plant Culture 1. Objectives 2. Establishment of grassland use technologies according to the requirements set out in the Development Plan of European Agriculture for the period Improvement of sown grassland farming systems in the context of the appearance of new private farms with highly productive species.

Elaboration of cultivation technologies in accordance with the requirements imposed in the face of agriculture by climate change.

anthelmintic activity of silver nanoparticles

Improvement of cultivation technologies of the main crops. Study of the biology and phenology of the main crops. Eco - technologies in the system of bio - agriculture in wheat, potato and herbs. Development of varieties and seed production in Festuca arundinacea.

Genetic improvement of varieties of wheat, soybean, spring barley and corn hybrids with normal and sugar grain.

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Collection, study and preservation of maize germplasm. Study of the different cultivation technologies of fodder in arable land and the anthelmintic activity of silver nanoparticles exploitation from the plain area. Use of different types of mineral fertilizer and the study on its effect on crop quality of and the soil chemistry.

Areas of expertise 3.

Methods used:

Plant Physiology. Culture of grasslands and fodder plants. Agro — chemistry. Animal nutrition.

research centers - USAMV Cluj

Plant Culture 4. Research team 4. Rotar Ioan 4. Sima Nicuşor 4.

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Vidican Roxana 4. Florin Păcurar 4. Haş Ioan 4.

research centers - USAMV Cluj

Morar Gavrilă 4. Stoie Andrei 4. Duda Marcel 4. Muntean Anthelmintic activity of silver nanoparticles 4. Tămaş Elena 4. Muntean Sorin 4.

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Mărghitaş Marilena 4. Mihai Gheorghe 4. Moldovan Cristina 4.

Morea Adriana 4. Toader Constantin 4. Şteţca Gheorghe 4. Moldovan Lavinia 5. Research activity in the last 5 years 5. Research on grassland ecosystems with Arnica montana in the upper basin of Arieş.

Hemraj Hemraj In the present study we have reviewed the synthesis and different biological activities of some Schiff bases of imidazo-[2, 1b]-1, 3, 4-thiadiazole derivatives. The Schiff base is functional group that contains a carbon- nitrogen double bond with nitrogen atom connected to an aryl or alkyl group but not hydrogen. Schiff bases can be synthesized from a substituted aromatic amines and a carbonyl compound by nucleophillic addition forming a hemiaminal followed by dehydration to generate an imine.

Determination of forage anthelmintic activity of silver nanoparticles by using destructive and non-destructive methods.