Cancer laringe en ingles

Evaluarea integrată anatomoclinică, morfologică și genetică a cancerului de laringe.

cancer laringe en ingles

Source: ORL. Laryngeal cancer is a malignant degeneration, of epithelial or conjunctive nature, developed from the constitutive elements of the larynx.

cancer laringe en ingles

The highest incidence is seen in males from southern and central Europe, Romania occupying one of the first places. Materials and method.

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The study analyses anatomoclinical, histological and immunohistochemical aspects of the treatment and prognosis of laryngeal cancer cases diagnosed in TNM staging reveals that Histological types were represented as follows: 35 carcinomas in situ, 19 microinvasive carcinomas, carcinomas poorly differentiated, moderately differentiated carcinomas, 68 well differentiated carcinomas, 8 papillary carcinomas, one leiomyosarcoma, one chondrosarcoma, one Kaposi sarcoma, cancer laringe en ingles bazaloide gliste paraziti, two verrucous carcinomas, one malignant melanoma.

The study highlights the importance of knowing the histological type of laryngeal cancer, for a codification degree of the tumor invasion and the establishment of the appropriate oncologic and surgical treatment.

Tumor de Laringe II / V - Cirurgia da Laringe / Hipofaringe ( Larynx Surgery )

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cancer laringe en ingles

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These examples may contain colloquial words based on your search. Translation of "la laringe" in English to the larynx Ai face pagube mai multe cu două degete la laringe. You'd do a lot more damage with two fingertips to the larynx. Convective cancer laringe en ingles : The oral cavity also allows the passage of air from the outside to the pharynx, then to the larynx.

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