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This cervical cancer and hysterectomy aims at highlighting the advantages of transvaginal approach in order cervical cancer and hysterectomy solve these fistulas, what are the indications, optimal timing of surgery, cervical cancer and hysterectomy technique and causes of failures. We conducted a perspective study on 20 clinical cases of vesicovaginal fistula after hysterectomy via abdominal approach, hospitalized within the Urology Clinic of Sibiu, respiratory papillomatosis medical treatment and Of these, 8 were cases of cervical cancer and 12, cases of uterine fibroids.

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Diagnosis was based on the local clinical examination, cystoscopy and cystography, which revealed the pathological communication path with a diameter of 0. Fistula was installed shortly after surgery on average, 5 dayswith the total or partial loss of urine vaginally.

The results were favourable, one case healed spontaneously after the endoscopic removal of suture synthetic threads and prolonged bladder drainage and per primam healing in 17 patients. The remaining patients were operated vaginally through the technique of clogging the fistulous traject.

Sebastian Faro.

In 3 cases, it was found the reopening of the fistulous traject, requiring transperitoneal abdominal approach. The following cervical cancer and hysterectomy considered as possible causes of relapse: the large size of vesicovaginal communication orifice, immature fistulous traject with inflammatory reaction maintained by hysterectomy stitches and urinary infection.

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