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Rom Definition of anthelmintic treatment Ophthalmol ; 62 3 :Jul-Sep. Article En MEDLINE ID: mdl The aim of the here presented study was to look into the importance of the structural parameters of caracteristicas virus papiloma humano eyeball, in relationship with the technical parameters of cataract surgery regarding the corneal endothelial changes made by it.

Material and method: The paper refers at a prospective study in which we included eighty-eight consecutive eyes from eighty-six different patients having age-related cataract and a visual acuity of a values less than 0.

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The patients didn't have other obvious definition of anthelmintic treatment for the decreased visual acuity. The patients included in the present study were admitted at the Ophthalmology Department from Bucharest University Emergency Hospital between the month of April and February ten months. Conclusions: The conclusion for the present research was that in regarding cataract phaco-emulsification surgery we obtained a statistical significance when it comes to the destruction of epithelial cells.

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The results were observed, giving the depth of the anterior chamber, in cataracts classified in subgroup IV of hardness, only between patients who had a small depth of chamber comparing with those who had a large depth of the anterior chamber of the eye. When it comes to patients who had severe cataracts and small ACD, we need to definition of anthelmintic treatment more attention when the surgeon performs the maneuver and to keep an eye on the use of the adhesives which has viscoelastic in order to obtain additional corneal protection.

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