Dysbiosis rifaximin

Medicina Kaunas ; 55 11 Oct In this study, we evaluated the symptoms and associated factors in patients with allergic rhinitis to ragweed pollen in two distinct regions of Romania.

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Materials and Methods: We evaluated the records of patients newly diagnosed with allergic rhinitis induced by ragweed pollen in two allergological centers from North-West NW and Central parts of Romania between and The dysbiosis rifaximin were clinically evaluated regarding disease length, presence, and severity of the allergic rhinitis symptoms and dysbiosis rifaximin association with other allergic manifestations asthma and conjunctivitis.

Results: The sensitization to ragweed was significantly higher in the NW part compared to the Central part The total symptoms score was significantly higher in patients from the Central part compared to the NW part 9.

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Bronchial asthma was associated at a similar frequency to allergic rhinitis in both centers, but it was more frequently observed in monosensitized patients in the NW center. Allergic conjunctivitis was more frequently reported by patients from the Central part Conclusions: Allergic rhinitis to ragweed pollen has been more frequently reported in the NW part dysbiosis rifaximin Romania.

Patients dysbiosis rifaximin severe forms of rhinitis were observed in dysbiosis rifaximin central part, while in the NW the severe forms of disease were reported by patients with dysbiosis rifaximin.


Ragweed pollen is intensely allergogenic and determines association of ocular and asthma symptoms. Co-sensitization increases the risk of asthma association.

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