Hepatocellular cancer medical term

The small bowel is currently the most difficult to examine segment of the digestive tract due to its distal location from both natural orifices usually used during routine digestive endoscopy. However, examining hepatocellular cancer medical term is vital as an important number of pathologies, most of them malignant and thus with vital implications for the patient, reside at this level.

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All these methods were either too intrusive or did not provide sufficient data for an accurate diagnostic. Wireless capsule endoscopies WCEalong with balloon single or double or spiral enteroscopy are considered the two most valuable tools available to the gastroenterologist.

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It is estimated that millions of capsules have been hepatocellular cancer medical term worldwide in the last decade. CE is currently the optimal investigation for the small bowel, due to its convenience of use and relative low cost. An experienced clinician spends between two and four hours analyzing the video recordings, depending on the experience of the clinician and the nature of the suspected pathology.

hepatocellular cancer medical term

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