Hepatocellular cancer trial.

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Current treatment for advanced HCC includes mainly sorafenib and hepatocellular cancer trial recently approved regorafenib and nivolumab, as chemotherapy has shown little benefit.

However, the hepatocellular cancer trial benefit and the low response rate from systemic treatments suggest an increased need for new strategies.

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Recent scientific advances indicate a potential benefit from immunotherapy in hepatocellular carcinoma, due to its immunogenicity. Hepatocellular cancer trial trials have evaluated both immunotherapy as monotherapy and the combination with other targeted systemic treatments or local strategies.

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The present article reviews current clinical data regarding the possible role of immunotherapy in HCC management and future directions for clinical research. Global cancer statistics CA Cancer J Clin ; 65 2 hepatocellular cancer trial Early detection of liver cancer: diagnosis and management.

hepatocellular cancer trial

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Miron, M. HCC incidence has doubled over the last 20 years in Europe. The management of HCC patients depends mainly on the extent and location of the tumor and the underlying liver disease. Three curative methods are currently available: orthotopic liver transplantation, surgical resection and local destruction. Local destruction of HCC is the most recent curative treatment that may be done using chemical alcohol or acetic acid or physical destruction by thermal ablation cryotherapy, radiofrequency.

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hepatocellular cancer trial

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