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The HCP was aware that tightening the criteria for Infant mortality, where the Hpv vaccine nhs price does not really excel, would lower the Hpv vaccine nhs price score, tightening the race for the 1 position. As Switzerland also got its Green score on this indicator reduced to Yellow, the suspense factor did not benefit from these changes. As stated above, the tightening of some indicator criteria seems to reward more affluent countries, with the NL still leading on points, down only 3 points since Switzerland is also holding out well on points, down 6 since The most obvious change from is the point gap now visible between the 12 countries of the Club, and those behind.

Rewarding real excellence in treatment results would help the more affluent countries in the hpv vaccine nhs price. The changes in rank should not at all be dismissed as an effect of changing indicators, of which there are 46 in the EHCIas three indicators where almost all countries scores Green have been removed as non-discriminating.

The Netherlands is the only country which has consistently been among the top three in the total ranking of any European Index the Health Consumer Powerhouse HCP has published since The Netherlands is sub-discipline winner, or joint winner, in three of the six sub-disciplines of the EHCI The Dutch healthcare system does not seem to have any really weak spots, having made improvement regarding the waiting times situation, where some central European states excel.

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There should be a lot to learn from looking deeply into the Dutch progress! Bronze medallists are Denmark at points. Denmark was silver medallist some years ago, and has had a dip in the ranking, which was probably linked to the tightening of regulations for access to healthcare services.

Inwith clinical excellence being more obviously rewarded, Danes seem to have learned to live with the access rules and are back on the podium. Norway 4th, pointsis losing out of the missing points from a perfect on their totally inexplicable waiting list situation! Luxembourg is sharing the 4th position at points.

The very wise decision not to provide all forms of care at home, even though LUX could afford it, and allow their citizens to seek care in other EU countries, makes data availability slightly troublesome — it is likely that hpv vaccine nhs price data availability would give Luxembourg a higher score. Finland 6th, points seems to have used traditional Finnish pragmatism to get out of the Waiting List swamp of a few years ago, and treatment hpv vaccine nhs price have also become first class.

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Out of the Swedish gap of to a perfectpoints are lost due to an abysmal waiting time situation. Thanks to clinical excellence, inSweden is still in 12th place but at points, 21 up since the previous year.

The only countries scoring lower on Accessibility are Ireland alone in the bottom position of this sub-discipline and the U. Portugal, still 14th at points 28 down fromties this position with the U. In southern Europe, Spain and Italy provide healthcare services where medical excellence can be found in many places. Real excellence in southern European healthcare seems to be a bit too much dependent on the consumers' ability to afford hpv vaccine nhs price healthcare as a supplement to public healthcare.

Also, both Spain and Italy show large regional variation which tends to result in a lot of Yellow scores for these countries. Some eastern European EU member systems are doing surprisingly well, particularly Slovakia due to improved Accessibility, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, and Estonia, considering their much smaller healthcare spend in Purchasing Power Parity PPP adjusted dollars per capita.

Inthe FYR Macedonia made the most remarkable advance in the EHCI scoring of any country in the history of the Index, from 27th to 16th place, largely due to more or less eliminating waiting lists by implementing their real time e-Booking system! Montenegro climbs from 34th hpv vaccine nhs price 25th! The fact that Montenegro is a small country with people does not diminish this hpv vaccine nhs price — large countries could do the same, regionalised if not nationwide.

hpv vaccine nhs price

The Netherlands is the only country which has consistently been among the top three in the total ranking of any European Index the Health Consumer Powerhouse has published since The points in are even more impressive, particularly as the score criteria have been tightened for the EHCI in order to register differences.

The NL wins three of the six sub-disciplines of the Index, and the large victory margin hpv vaccine nhs price all competitors except Switzerland seems essentially be due to that the Dutch healthcare system does not seem to have any really weak spots, except possibly some scope for improvement hpv vaccine nhs price the waiting times situation, where some central European countries excel.

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The Netherlands is unique as the only country consistently appearing among the top 3 — 4, regardless what aspects of healthcare which are studied. Also, the NL probably has the best and most structured arrangement for patient organisation participation in healthcare decision and policymaking in Europe.

Also, the Dutch healthcare system has addressed one of its few traditional weak spots, Accessibility, by setting up primary care centres which have open surgeries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Given the small size of the country, this should put an open clinic within easy reach for anybody. Here comes the speculation: one important net effect of the NL healthcare system structure would be that healthcare operative decisions are taken, to an unusually high degree, by medical professionals with patient co-participation.

Financing agencies and healthcare amateurs such as politicians and bureaucrats seem farther removed from operative healthcare decisions in the NL than in hpv vaccine nhs price any other European country.

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The NL scores well or very well in all sub-disciplines, except possibly Accessibility and Prevention, where the score is more mediocre — on the other hand, so are those of most other countries.

The historic Dutch problem of mediocre scores for Waiting times has to a great extent been rectified by — As can be seen from the references given in Section 7. Hpv vaccine nhs price, as can be seen in Section 4. ByThe Netherlands are on par with Sweden and Germany for healthcare spend!

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This has been extensively treated in the EHCI report2. The Dutch healthcare system is characterised by over-use of in-patient care and institutionalised psychiatric care and elderly care. It seems that actual modes of operating the healthcare system in The Netherlands could explain the high per capita healthcare spend, i.

hpv vaccine nhs price

If the country can afford this, fine; but also for Outcomes and patient quality of life reasons, a programme to reduce the share of in-patient care would be beneficial for the Dutch healthcare budget! Silver medallists, points down from Switzerland screening test for human papillomavirus enjoyed a solid reputation for excellence in healthcare for a long time.

Therefore it is not surprising that when the n. Considering the very respectable money ploughed into the Swiss healthcare system, it should!

Now along with Slovakia, the only country to score All Green on Accessibility. Swiss healthcare has probably been this good also before; the highly decentralised cantonal structure of the country has made data collection difficult.

Denmark was catapulted into hpv vaccine nhs price place by the introduction of the e- Health sub-discipline in the EHCI Denmark was in hpv vaccine nhs price continuous rise since first included in the EHCI Denmark has also made dramatic advancement in the reduction of heart disease mortality in recent years. However, inthe introduction of the Prevention sub-discipline did hot help Denmark, which lost 20 points on this sub-discipline relative to aggressive competitors.

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Although the causality is hard to prove, that Danish score drop did coincide in time not only with the 2 www.

It also coincided with the tightening of access to healthcare, with only two telephone numbers being available to Danish patients; the number of their GP, or the emergency number ! Inwith clinical excellence being rewarded higher, it seems that Danish patients have learned to cope with the accessibility restrictions!

Norwegian wealth and very high per capita spend on healthcare seem hpv vaccine nhs price be paying off — Norway has been slowly but steadily rising in the EHCI ranking over the years. Traditionally, Norwegian patients complained about waiting times. This has subsided significantly, but is still where Norway loses most of the points missing: points compared with class leaders Switzerland and Slovakia!

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The poor accessibility of Norwegian healthcare must be more or less entirely attributed to mismanagement, as lack of resources cannot possibly be the problem. The fact that it is cheaper to operate a healthcare system without waiting lists i. Too much money can be a curse, hindering rationalization or the learning of efficient logistics.

Unlike Iceland, Luxembourg has been hpv vaccine nhs price to capitalize on its central location in Europe. With a hpv vaccine nhs price of common sense which is unusual in the in-sourcing-prone public sector, Luxembourg has not done this, and has for a long time allowed its citizens to seek care in neighbouring countries. It seems that they do seek care in good hospitals. Probably for this reason, Luxembourg loses points on the Abortions indicator — for reasons of discretion, many LUX women probably has that done outside of the small and intimate Grand Duchy.

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LUX patients probably get even better treatment than the EHCI shows, as being treated abroad makes data collection complicated. The HCP has received some protest from LUX about the bad score on cigarette consumption, on the argument that most of those cigarettes are smoked by other nationalities. From a European public health standpoint, peddling cheap fags to your neighbours hpv vaccine nhs price no better than smoking them all yourself.

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In fact, Finland is a leader in value-for-money healthcare. This situation seems to have been put right in recent years, with Finland being among the top scorers for Range and Reach of Healthcare Services. Euro Health Consumer Index 1. Merkel ruling as Queen of Europe. The traditional hpv vaccine nhs price of the German healthcare system: a large number of rather small general hospitals, not specializing, resulting in mediocre scores on treatment quality, seems to hpv vaccine nhs price improving — a tendency even more prominent inwhen Germany is sharing 6th place on Outcomes.

In a feedback round from national healthcare bodies, the response from the German Bundesministerium für Gesundheit BMG contained an interesting reference to a study of waiting times in German primary care.

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It is irrelevant what the actual numbers were in that study; the unit of time used to measure and analyse primary care accessibility was not months, weeks or days, but minutes! Iceland scores well on Outcomes Lacking its own specialist qualification training for hpv vaccine nhs price, Iceland does probably benefit from a system, which resembles the medieval rules for carpenters and masons: for a number of years after qualification, these craftsmen were forbidden to settle down, and forced to spend a number of years wandering around working for different builders.

Naturally, they did learn a lot of different skills along the hpv vaccine nhs price. Dropped out of the top 10 after reducing formerly liberal access to specialist services aroundbut has slowly and steadily been climbing hpv vaccine nhs price.

This pattern is not unusual after rule changes for Access see Denmark above! The management of the HCP have relocated to France; with a background from Sweden, our personal experience makes us believe that French patients must be a bit grumpy about Waiting Times in healthcare — from a Swedish perspective, Accessibility is fabulous!

Researchers from Purdue University in Indiana, found overweight and obese men on low-calorie, high-protein diets felt more satisfied and less hungry when they ate three times a day compared to when they ate six times a day. There is a widespread perception that it's better to eat little meals more often. However, lead researcher Dr Heather Leidy, now at The University of Missouri in Columbia, said: 'These mini-meals everyone is talking about don't seem to be as beneficial as far as appetite control. To investigate further, they randomly assigned 27 men who were overweight or obese to eat either a high-protein diet or a normal-protein diet for 12 weeks. Diets contained fewer calories than each man needed to maintain his current weight.

A technically competent and efficient system, with a tendency to medicalize a lot of conditions4, and to give patients a lot of drugs! France has long had the lowest heart disease mortality in Europe, and was the first countrywhere CVD was no longer hpv vaccine nhs price biggest cause of death. Also, France was 1 in the Euro Heart Index