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Standard 5. Human papilloma virus hrvatski disease that is most often contracted through sexual contact e.

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Disease transmitted primarily by direct sexual contact. STDs usually affect the reproductive system and urinary system but can be spread to the mouth or rectum by oral or anal sex. In later stages they may attack other organs and systems.

The best-known are syphilis, gonorrhea, AIDS and herpes simplex.

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Yeast infections produce a thick, whitish vaginal discharge and genital irritation and itch in women and sometimes irritation of the penis in men. Crab louse infestation can also be considered an STD.

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The incidence of STDs has been affected by such factors as antibiotics, birth-control methods and changes in sexual behaviour. L E V E L adj abbreviation for standard 9.

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Abbreviation for "standard", as in std. Subscriber Trunk Dialling Shared Test Data Airport Acronym Standard Sexually transmitted diseases are infections spread by the transfer of organisms from person to person during sexual contact.

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In addition to the "traditional" STDs syphilis and gonorrheathe spectrum of STDs now includes HIV infection, which causes AIDS; "Chlamydia trachomatis" infections; human papilloma virus HPV infection; genital herpes; chancroid; genital mycoplasmas; hepatitis B; trichomoniasis; enteric infections; and ectoparasitic diseases i. The complexity and scope of STDs have increased dramatically since the human papilloma virus hrvatski more human papilloma virus hrvatski 20 organisms and syndromes are now recognized as belonging in this category.

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