Neuroendocrine cancer unknown primary

Bone tumors are heterogeneous neoplasms, comprising a large spectrum of entities, both benign and malignant.

neuroendocrine cancer unknown primary

One of the greatest challenges regarding bone and soft tissue pathology is highlighting osteoblastic differentiation in malignant lesions. From the numerous osteoblast-specific markers previously described in the literature, only osteocalcin, osteonectin neuroendocrine cancer unknown primary RANK have been used in histology studies.

Giant cell tumour of the bone is a special entity, in the category of intermediate tumors, locally aggressive and rarely metastasising. It is also known to become malignant. Specific markers for giant tumor of the bone are p63 and RANK, the latter being an osteoblastic marker.


We investigated the expression of the quoted recent emerged markers, p63, CD56 and SATB2, in 23 bone and soft tissue primary and secondary neoplasms by constructing a tissue microarray paraffin block, and we analysed the impact of using them as a diagnostic marker in current practice.

Tumorile osoase sunt neoplasme eterogene, cu­prin­zând un spectru larg de entităţi, atât benigne, cât şi maligne. Una dintre cele mai mari provocări privind patologia osoasă şi a ţesuturilor moi neuroendocrine cancer unknown primary diferenţierea osteoblastică în leziunile maligne. Dintre numeroşii markeri osteoblastici specifici descrişi anterior în literatură, numai osteocalcinul, osteonectina şi RANK au fost utilizaţi în studiile de histologie.

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Tumorile cu celule gigantice ale oaselor sunt o entitate specială, în categoria tumorilor intermediare, la nivel local agresiv şi rareori cu metastaze. Este, de asemenea, cunoscut faptul că pot deveni maligne.

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Markerii specifici pentru tumora gigantică a osului este p63 şi RANK, acesta din urmă fiind un marker osteoblastic. Am investigat expresia markerilor recurenţi, p63, CD56 şi SATB2, în 23 de neoplasme primare şi secundare ale cancerelor osoase şi ale ţesuturilor moi prin construirea unui bloc de parafină microarray şi am analizat impactul utilizării acestora ca marker de diagnostic în practica curentă.

Cuvinte cheie SATB2 tumoră de celule gigantice diferenţiere osteoblastică Introduction In bone and soft tissue pathology practice, diagnosing malignant tumors like osteosarcoma is a difficult task, especially in biopsy samples 1.

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But an accurate decision is crucial, as chemotherapy neuroendocrine cancer unknown primary surgery approaches are fundamentally distinct for different tumor types Immunohistochemistry has been assessed as an additional tool to the morphological investigation, and according to diagnostic immunohistochemistry, a neuroendocrine cancer unknown primary of osteoblast-specific markers have been neuroendocrine cancer unknown primary in the literature, such as osteocalcin, osteonectin, bone morphogenetic protein BMPCOL-I-C peptide, bone sialoprotein, bone glycoprotein, 75 decorin, osteopontin, proteoglycans I and II, type I collagen and RANK, but only osteocalcin and osteonectin have been used in diagnostic immune histologic studies, without a special resonance in clinical practice 5.

CD56 is a homophilic binding glycoprotein with a role in cell-cell adhesion.

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As an IHC marker, its main uses are in hematopoietic disorders, as a marker of NK cells, for detecting residual myeloma or differentiate plasma cells in myeloma 10 from reactive plasmacytosis. Hughes, based on previous evidence of CD56 expression in osteoblast lineage, presented a study which concluded that CD56 may be a biologically important molecule in osteoblast function, and its expression is consistently strong in normal and neoplastic osteoblasts.

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InKallen detected p63 expression in osteoblastic tumors Previously, p63 had been known as a member neuroendocrine cancer unknown primary p53 gene family 12but without being a tumor suppressor gene.

Isoform deltaNp63 inhibits the transcription activation of p53 gene Then, inHornick suggested SATB2 as a potential marker for osteoblastic differentiation in bone and soft tissue tumors.

It encodes at least six different proteins with different biologic functions 9.

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SATB2 — known as neuroendocrine cancer unknown primary AT-rich sequence-binding protein 2 — is an AT-rich DNA-binding protein that binds to nuclear matrix attachment regions involved in transcriptional regulation and chromatin remodeling Initial studies showed that SATB2 protein is expressed in colon and rectum tissue and tumors 15brain, branchial arches and osteoblast-lineage cells 16,17kidney, bladder 18some lymphoid cells and ovarian tumors Despite been identified in multiple tissues, it has not been thoroughly investigated as a potential neoplastic marker in bone and soft tissue tumors.

Our purpose papillomavirus symptome homme to study the potential diagnostic applications of the three quoted antibodies as immunohistochemical markers in bone and soft tissue pathology, as well as evaluating positive expression scores and artefactual staining patterns.

Materials and method We searched the Foişor Hospital database, for all the bone and soft tissue tumors from to and encountered 39 cases Table 1 and Table 2.

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Table 1. Diagnosis and clinical features of the primary tumors Table 2.


Diagnosis and clinical features of the metastatic tumors The tumors were subtyped according to diagnosis in 23 primary bone tumors benign and malignant as follows Figure 1 : two fibrosarcomas, two osteosarcomas, seven chondromas, ten giant cell tumors GCT; two of them malignantone chondromyxoid fibroma, one brown tumor; and 16 metastatic tumors: two lung carcinomas, five clear cell renal carcinoma, one prostate carcinoma, one colon neuroendocrine cancer unknown primary, one hepatocarcinoma, two breast carcinomas, four unknown primary adenocarcinomas.

Figure 1.

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Chart representation of neuroendocrine cancer unknown primary studied lot The hematoxylin-eosin slides for all the cases were reexamined, by three independent pathologists. Figure 2.

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TMA recipient paraffin block and donor block We constructed two tissue microarray paraffin blocks TMA using the technique 20,21as follows Figure 2. All donor blocks for the study cases have been selected and the region of interest defined on the paraffin wax block.

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After the initial review and selection, the donor blocks were arranged and kept in the order that is represented in the TMA. The array construction was made manual and was accompanied by a computer file, containing the tissue block identification numbers.