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It is estimated that the death rate of TC has slowly increased from 0.

papillary thyroid cancer genetic testing

Therefore, efforts are being made in order to stop the increasing incidence and genetic alterations are thoroughly studied. Papillary thyroid cancer genetic testing of the most recent incriminated factors in TC etiology and physiopathology is vitamin D deficiency.

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Besides the well-known role in bone metabolism, vitamin D has extra-skeletal effects exerted through the vitamin D receptor VDR and has been shown to interfere with many cellular functions such as inhibiting cell proliferation, stimulating differentiation and malignant cell apoptosis in different types of cancer. Cross-sectional, retrospective study which included patients 71 with confirmed thyroid cancer and 43 patients in the control group with benign pathology.


The histopathologic features were analyzed. Mean values of vitamin D was Majority of the cases were papillary thyroid cancer Vitamin D levels also correlated negatively with TNM staging.

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The necessity of further studies is a reality in order to establish if vitamin D deficiency is a possible risk factor for thyroid cancer and its correction can be considered an additional therapy. Bucharest69, no.