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Dear friends, we're happy to announce that we managed to reach 9 years of B-Zone Community's activity! We won't stop here!

skin hpv gta sa

We prepared the biggest update of all this 9 years. The next 9 years will be celebrated together having fun, drinking and partying!

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Punishments wipe B-Zone gives players with penalties a new chance! Also the interdictions will be removed.

Important Information

Even if skin hpv gta sa have stumbled over time, now it is the time to be better and fairer. The anticheat system has been launched on the RPG servers.

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We all want to be a fair community. So, we do our best to keep the fun close and cheats away! May only the best win the wars from now on! The anticheat aims to keep up with the new trends at all times! For starters, the anticheat is facultative.

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In this period, an old character is back with a new mission. He can be found, sleeping in his popular Tampa. You may complete the mission every 4 hours.

WantedLevel reprezintă numărul de steluțe de wanted ale suspectului. Comanda este accesibilă de la rang 5 în orice facțiune. Comanda prezintă un singur paramentru și anume numele sau ID-ul suspectului. Prezintă un singur parametru, numele sau ID-ul jucătorului pe care doriți să-ș verificați.

Be careful not to miss one of the days! Good luck!

Non-stop robs To take advantage of the remaining holidays and the nights spent in front of the computer, we offer all players the opportunity to rob the bank whenever they want, without any time restriction.

So take the chance, steal as much as you can until you fill your pockets. Half Jail Time A new update never comes by itself. You can recieve one Level UP per day at most, and the played hours get saved for the next day.

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Treasure Hunt As Bobo was recording a new episode, Allice  stole some goods for you and hid them along the map. B-Days Roulette The spinner became obsolete, so we started spinning the roulette.

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There will be 9 events daily, once every 2 hours, starting Optional Faction Reports Good news for faction members. During the skin hpv gta sa days your activity report is optional, so you can party like mad in Alhambra with your friends so you can take advantage of all the events that will take place.

We're waiting for you! Let's all of us shout: "B-Zone is greater!