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Revue des Sciences Politiques Nr. In the second part the author highlights and analyzes some of the issues of the relation between the Romanian education system during the interwar period and national minorities from Transylvania.

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Keywords: national minorities, inter-ethnic relations, education system, warts removal home remedy in tamil education, Romanianization, Hungarianization. In practice. One can discuss on the presence relation to the majority, the minority group of ethnic, linguistic, religious minority groups is in a position of numeric inferiority and even from the antiquity, perpetuating till from this its social, political, cultural, of the present moment.


Since the establishment statute and social role. The determining, of the national state, during the modern discriminating element is of a quantitative, period, national minorities have been numeric nature, and in no instance of appeared, fact which would amplify and qualitative nature or value. Today one a segment of the population which exceeds can speak el virus del papiloma humano caracteristicas a great diversity of minorities, all the other segments2.

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Understanding the issue of national minorities in the 7 Revista de tiine Politice. Ethnic the time.

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He tried the same language, way of living, tra- to apply this concept to the new state- ditions, behaviour, religious belief, culture. National ponents which render the group the feeling minorities were circumscribed both to the of belonging and that of being different state and to majority nations.

An attempt to define feeling of solidarity which allows it to keep the concept was made by Helmes Rosting, its culture, tradition, religion or language5. The respective definition does the documents of the Council of Europe. Moreover, even fromown cultural, linguistic, religious identity, Warts removal home remedy in tamil Duparc, referring to the definition warts removal home remedy in tamil they conserve, take part to the political of the concept of minority, appreciated that life of the respective state through their it is an abstract notion which does not own organizations and bodies, but also imply the existence of determinant features, through the organizations and bodies warts removal home remedy in tamil but a juridical relation, whose meanings the state they belong to, trying to promote, varied within a certain poque and within through dialogue, political way, and, in a certain geographical area4.

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It 8 Revista de tiine Politice. From huma- between them, determined by a series of nitarian, democratic principles, in order to measures: the abolition of national borders, solve the new European political reality, to free movement of persons, the possibility prevent the possible conflicts, abuses of to work and establish the place of residence the majority against the minority, to in any part of the EU, to participate in the obviate the arguments among the states social-political life of the residing community, which had national minorities and the to be represented, single currency, common latters mother-states, the political and Community institutions.

The European Union diplomatic world warts removal home remedy in tamil the great European turned motherlands of EU states into the powers tried to offer protection to national warts removal home remedy in tamil of the states.

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Many of the minorities through international treaties, causes which generated and fuelled conflicts, putting them under the League of Nations tensions between the majorities and guarantee.

The independence of the states minorities have vanished or do not find succeeding the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, their place within the new reality and among which was Romania, was conditioned, social-political organization.

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Through the along with the signing of the Peace Treaty, creation of the European citizenship the by the signing of a Treaty of the Minorities differences between majority and minority through which they bound themselves to tend to wipe out and the possible harshness ensure minorities equal treatment to that of the between them tends to disappear.

Under majority. Such a measure lead to different no circumstance are they perceived anymore, reactions among the succeeding states which or understood according to their ancient were forced to sign it, Romania having the meanings.


On the contrary, in some EU most visible reaction of opposition to it. Member States, minority groups tend to get Prime-Minister Ionel Brtianu claimed that, a different meaning, that is of immigrant as regards Romania, the minorities issue groups which are constituted of Community was solved as the latter had equal rights to non-citizens, distinct both from the majority the majority.

Being pre-occupied with and from national minorities, and have as rendering full independence and sovereignty purpose to acquire the status of Community to Romania, of stating equal principles and citizen and all that the latter implies and applicable to all Member States of the devolves upon somebody. League of Nations, the Romanian prime- For the first time, warts removal home remedy in tamil minorities of minister highlighted: Romania would not language, race and religion have become a admit a special treatment that does not social and political issue, transferring also apply to all other sovereign states no in the field of international relations, since matter their size and position, as in such the signing of the Peace Treaties of Paris matters there are no great and small states, The Peace Conference should states that would subject to the first we have found the answer and solutions for understand to have here within the kingdom, the new warts removal home remedy in tamil reality which appeared as much freedom and independence as in following the First World War through the any other great sovereign warts removal home remedy in tamil.

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The education system, the situation incompatible to the dignity we principles, values and language in which it claim for our state8 the Romanian prime- unfolded can have a contradictory action minister argued referring to the signing of in relation to minorities.

On the one hand, the Treaty of the Minorities. In return, the absolutization of edu- to threats and blackmail, would determine cation in the minorities maternal language Ionel Brtianu to leave the Peace Conference can give birth to a discrimination process, proclaiming the resistance policy.

Such of social inequality with the majority, can a situation was viewed and interpreted lead to their warts removal home remedy in tamil and marginalization, differently by the Romanian political class, to the impossibility of their participating to the opposition accusing him of lack of the social life, to the promotion of their political and diplomatic tact, of putting in own aspirations and ideals, to showing danger the relations with the great powers, their own human fund to advantage.

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Such with his own allies and supporters of the a policy can lead to the appearance of Great Union. In such a situation, Ionel tensions and animosities between majority Brtianu quit.

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Encouraged by the attitude and minorities, to the annulment of dialogue of some successor states of the empire and communication, warts removal home remedy in tamil social and ethnic such as Poland, which on July 26th, conflicts. Romanian authorities wished to taking into account any proposition and make out of warts removal home remedy in tamil an element of unity, promoting its own politics, decided to sign of liaison of the newly established state, of the Treaty on September 10th,putting dialogue and communication with all its Romania and other successor states before citizens, of putting the latter in state of the completed fact.

The new government equality in all the domains of social life. Putting education under the control of Romanian authorities and 10 Revista de tiine Politice.

The Constitution of promoted by Hungary with the support ofin use, was completely obsolete, Hungarian Transylvanian leaders.

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All national minorities were ensured of opposition, of counterpoint towards primary, secondary, private, confessional the Romanian authorities; or public education in their maternal - the political instability until had language, thus having the possibility to ended since the beginning of the liberal conserve their identity, cultural, linguistic, governance.

In order to put national As a consequence, until the warts removal home remedy in tamil minorities in a state of equality with the of the Constitution of warts removal home remedy in tamil of the majority and to ensure the dialogue and education laws ofthere was a period communication with all their citizens, to of transition, of cohabitation of the edu- remove any possibility of isolation, mar- cation systems form the Ancient Kingdom ginalization one ensured the study of the with the ones from the united provinces.